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Perifix® Epidural Catheters



Reliable Performance and Improved Patient Outcomes

Superior product performance has been the hallmark of B. Braun epidural catheters for more than 25 years.
Because of this, anesthesia providers have come to trust and depend on Perifix epidural catheters.

Perifix catheters are:

  • Kink and stretch resistant
  • Easy to thread and remove
  • Latex-free
  • Easy to anchor with the Perifix Catheter Connector

Perifix FX Springwound
Our softest catheter, ideal for labor and delivery. Available in 19G open and closed-tip.

Perifix SoftTip
Classic Perifixx with an atraumatic tip. Available in 20G closed-tip.

Perifix ONE
The first of a new generation, softer than the classic Perifix. Available in 20G and 20G/24G pediatric, closed-tip. Features six lateral side ports and tapered tip.

Perifix Standard
Our classic nylon catheter with proven performance. Available in 19G and 20G open and closed-tip.