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Which Providers, Patient Populations and blocks benefit most from Contiplex C?


Our Goal is to Improve the Catheter Placement Experience (see Advantages) and Empower a New Generation of Providers so that more Patients Benefit from CPNB.

  • Contiplex C is best suited for: Blocks < 6cm

    • Contiplex C is indicated for blocks equal or less than 6cm in depth
    • Depending on your practice, Contiplex C may take a leading or Supplementary role
  • Providers starting or expanding CPNB programs

    • Making the transition from single shot to catheters can be challenging particularly with limited support and teaching
    • Contiplex C provides the power  and flexibility of a catheter with the familiarity of a single shot
    • Contiplex C can help  motivate additional providers to utilize CPNB
  • Experienced providers

    • Some providers already have a well established technique that is proven and works
    • Contiplex C’s potential for reduced catheter leakage and ease of placement may promote its use for specific blocks
  • Private Practice groups

    • No block room, Block Nurse, Acute Pain Team or time to place a catheter?
    • Placing the Contiplex C catheter deliberately in one step under ultrasound guidance may help facilitate placement in private practice
  • Residency programs

    • Need to get multiple residents trained but want to try and reduce the learning curve?
    • Contiplex C may help facilitate the bridge between Tuohy based catheter through needle systems or may be an outright solution