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Improve Patient Comfort


Introcan Safety® Family

The B. Braun Introcan Safety® Family of IV Catheters enhance patient comfort with:

Universal Bevel Design

  • Proprietary needle design to make catheter insertion more comfortable for patients
  • Unique geometry provides a wide choice of insertion angles to aid in accessing difficult veins
  • Super-sharp needle bevel helps improve patient comfort
  • Creates a V-shaped, tricuspid incision versus a lancet cut for easier catheter insertion, less tissue tearing and faster healing

Optimized Catheter Lubrication

  • Provides smooth, comfortable catheter advancement

Choice of Catheter Material

  • Provides more comfortable indwelling performance options 
    • Polyurethane (PUR) for softer, more comfortable, longer indwelling and kink resistance (Introcan Safety® and Introcan Safety® 3)
    • Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) with firmer construction for arterial access (Introcan Safety® only)

Patient Safety Assurance

PVC-Free, DEHP-Free and Latex-Free