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  • Reducing PVC Complications & Information Clinicians: Technology & 5 Ps (Greg Schears Presentation)
  • Transforming Peripheral Venous Access (PVA) (Greg Schears Presentation)
  • Targeting Vein Preservation & Optimal Site Choice (Greg Schears Presentation)
  • Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Catheter Insertion: Recommendations for Catheters 10cm or Less (Dawson, 2015 Hand-Out)
  • Driving Performance Improvement in Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Access: Navigating the Procedure and Process (Dawson, 2015 Presentation)
  • Maximizing Peripheral Vascular Access Success: Featuring Clinical Application of Evidence Using a Practice Framework (Dawson, 2014 Presentation)
  • Ultrasound Guided Short PIV Insertions (Dawson, 2013 Presentation)
  • Blood Exposure Study Comparing Safety IVCs (Prunet, 2008 study)
  • Study Confirms Passive Safety Most Effective (Tosini, 2010 study)
  • Study reveals needlestick injuries remain primary risk to healthcare workers (Hadaway, 2011 study)
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