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Design Options®


One set. One package. Your design.

Design Options® is a customer-focused service offered by B. Braun Medical, Inc. to identify and develop solutions with specially designed* IV sets that address healthcare professionals’ unique therapeutic, business and environmental demands.

B. Braun’s Design Options service is a convenient and cost-effective way to offer designs that may meet the infection reduction and financial goals of your facility. The program is designed to help you deliver quality patient care while providing you with what you need, where and when you need it. Simply select from available components, and we will assemble them into individual, ready-to-use packages according to your specifications*.

By using the Design Options service, it is possible to reduce the potential for contamination and infections while also reducing waste, SKUs and minimizing costs.

Learn more about the potential benefits of B. Braun’s Design Options Program:

Contamination/Infection Control

Cost Reduction
Vendor Consolidation

Labor Reduction

Utilize Design Options to streamline your practice and ordering process while minimizing exposure to infection-causing contaminates with preassembled sets. To see a step by step overview, click here.

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Design Options Process


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*Designs are only available for IV administration intended uses with approved components, combinations and confirmed bonding methods. Consult the B. Braun Design Options Component Guide for a list of acceptable components.  Your B. Braun representative will share with you approved combinations and bonding methods.