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The Design Options® Process


Step 1: Design
Our wide variety of components* may help you meet your clinical needs like infection prevention, priming volume, flow rate and functionality. 

There are various ways to design your IV set:

  • Pick from available components you want to include and draw your ideal set on this downloadable form.
  • Provide us with a set you want us to duplicate or modify.
  • Take advantage of existing designs for faster delivery.

Step 2: Non-sterile Sample
After we receive your request, we will provide you with a non-sterile sample of your Design Options® IV set in about one week.

Step 3: Changes
Do you think something about your non-sterile sample should be different? Let us know and we can help you choose available components* to best meet your specific needs. Then we will send you a new non-sterile sample.

Step 4: Sterile Sample
Once you are satisfied with the non-sterile sample, we can provide a case of sterile samples for your review prior to final production.  Most designs are available within 5 weeks. 

Step 5: Design Approval & Production
When you are satisfied with your design*, simply sign the set drawing and Design Options agreement.  The design approval process is complete and production of your IV set begins. Your design* will be available for order within 4-6 weeks on average.

Contact a B. Braun representative for more information and to get started today.



























*Specially-made designs are only available for IV administration intended uses with approved components, combinations and confirmed bonding methods. Consult the B. Braun Design Options Component Guide for a list of acceptable components.  Your B. Braun representative will share with you approved combinations and bonding methods.