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Cost Reduction


It takes multiple components to create one IV set, and costs can add up quickly when buying each component separately from different vendors. With Design Options®, you can choose only the components you need as part of your IV set* and have them delivered to you in preassembled, individually wrapped packages. Choosing to have all components prepared in one package and produced in a cost-effective manner may reduce the overall cost** of the final product used on the patient. It may also reduce the cost of labor of assembly, disposal of waste, the need for multiple vendors, and increase shelf space.







*Specially-made designs are only available for IV administration intended uses with approved components, combinations and confirmed bonding methods. Consult the B. Braun Design Options Component Guide for a list of acceptable components.  Your B. Braun representative will share with you approved combinations and bonding methods.

**Cost savings, if applicable, will vary depending on design.