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Environmental Issues


Long before there were green initiatives, B. Braun was leading the way

For B.Braun, going green is not a new trend, but a core value we’ve embraced throughout our history. In fact, B. Braun is a worldwide leader in the research and development of green manufacturing processes in the U.S. and around the world.

Fast Facts:

  • The B.Braun Irvine, California facility has won a WRAP award for waste reduction efforts 15 times.
  •  A dedicated Environmental Health & Safely team coupled with enthusiastic and integrated employee education focuses on embracing, employing and elevating the company’s sustainability objectives.
  • In 2014, all B. Braun facilities in Pennsylvania and California achieved land-fill free status, meaning all manufacturing related waste (non-hazardous) generated from routine manufacturing operations is reused, recycled or converted to energy.
  • Between the Pennsylvania and California landfill-free sites, it is projected that over 5,600 metric tons, or 12,528,000 pounds, of waste will be recycled or converted into renewable energy each year. This will reduce approximately 12,100 metric tons of harmful carbon dioxide from entering Earth’s atmosphere.

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