USA 1-800-227-2862 (BBRAUN2)

Affected Devices


Designed With Patient Safety in Mind

New Design Standards Per ISO 80369-6

  • Longer than Luer connector
  • 20% smaller connector diameter
  • Collared Slip syringes

Visible B. Braun Design Improvements

  • Yellow product coloring or yellow caps where feasible
  • New needle stylets will be a transparent color rather than opaque as seen in Luer needles
  • Addition of prism in spinal needle hub for CSF identification
  • New product codes will end in “N” to designate NRFit™

Updated B. Braun Devices

  • Epidural needle
  • Spinal needle
  • Catheter connector
  • Slip syringe
  • Lock syringe
  • LOR syringe
  • Filters, filter straws, filter needles

Excluded B. Braun Devices

  • Spinal introducer needle
  • Hypodermic needles
  • Filter straw meant to draw up skin wheal medication
  • 3mL syringe used for skin wheal






NRFit™ is a trademark of GEDSA and is used with their permission