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Compensation that is converted into a pension plan.

Financial instruments whose price value reflects currency fluctuation or the price forecast of other investments.

High molecular sugar formed from glucose molecules which is used in solutions for plasma volume replacement.

Is a disease in which abnormal carbohydrate metabolism causes high glucose levels and can lead to kidney failure. About 20% of all patients with diabetes develop kidney failure.

Artificial kidney.

Constitutes a mixture of water, glucose and electrolytes used in dialysis to fulfill the body's needs. Dialysis fluid usually contains sodium, magnesium, chloride, potassium and calcium. During dialysis, waste products in the blood pass through the semipermeable membrane of the dialyzer into the dialysis fluid.

Is an artificial medical treatment process by which the toxic waste products and water are removed from a patient’s body.

Is the filtering unit of a dialysis machine. The dialyzer removes waste products and excess water from the blood.

Pathological widening (dilation) of the cardiac muscle.

Gradual self-acting mixing of gaseous, fluid or solid substances which are in contact with one another until complete homogeneity.

Medication to drive out water out of the body.

Is length of time peritoneal dialysis patients keep fresh dialysate in the abdomen. After the dwell time is over, the used dialysate is replaced with fresh dialysate either by the patient themselves or by a cycler machine.