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"The fundamental principle of ABS financing lies in the fact that a company outsources a pool of similar receivables to form a company for that specific purpose and uses it as the basis for securities to be issued. ABS are thus securities whose claim to payment are backed by a pool of assets.

Excess acidity of the blood.

Acid content of a solution.

Is the sudden and temporary loss of kidney function. Acute renal failure can be caused by diminished blood supply to the kidneys, obstructed urine flow or traumatic damage to the kidneys caused by, for example, major surgery or a car crash. Acute renal failure is treated with continuous renal replacement therapy, usually at the intensive care unit in a hospital.

Protein in the blood which binds the water in the vascular space.

Excess of bases in a solution.

An abnormal condition of increased alkalinity of the blood, e.g. when acidic secretions are lost (vomiting).

Protein components.

Blood deficiency.

"Literally: Insensitivity, in the broader sense: A means of eliminating pain either locally or
generally by means of general narcosis, regional or local anesthesia in order to perform a specific intervention on the patient."

Antibody content of a solution (antibodies are substances formed in the blood which protect the body against certain diseases).

A remedy to control nausea and vomiting.

A process which removes a specific component from the blood.

Is a blood vessel that is made by surgically sewing together an artery and a vein (often in the forearm) to create the rapid blood flow needed for efficient haemodialysis treatment. It is also commonly called a native fistula.

Total sum of the assets of a company.

Basic component of the elements.

"According to the IFRS, available-for-sale is the term applied to all financial assets that cannot be assigned to any other category of assets. In general, this includes stocks and shares in investment funds."