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Our Culture


Living the Sharing Expertise® Philosophy

Every day, 56,000 B. Braun employees worldwide share their expertise with colleagues and customers to enhance safety for patients, doctors and nurses, and to improve working processes in hospitals and medical practices. 

We hone our expertise in three ways — driving innovation, increasing efficiency and promoting sustainability.

Driving Innovation
Innovation is an instrumental force at B.Braun. B.Braun is steeped in technology “firsts” such as passive safety technology, products that are not manufactured with PVC or DEHP, needleless connectors and infusion pumps. We continue to foster innovation through:

  • Further Improving Products and Processes. Just a couple examples: B.Braun’s ULTRASITE® Needle-Free Connector System designed to reduce accidental needlesticks when injecting, aspirating or infusing fluids and medications. While our SENSe technology, a major breakthrough in the evolution of nerve stimulation, makes nerve location quicker and easier.more
  • Developing State-of-the-Art Technology and Production Facilities. Our Benchmark Factory in Tuttlingen, Germany, develops hip and knee prostheses using cutting edge technology. And our LIFE Nutrition factory, currently the largest factory for infusion solutions in Europe, will soon develop innovative nutrition solutions for the world market.
  • Keeping Health Care Providers Fit for the Future. B.Braun provides workshops and seminars for healthcare professionals through Aesculap Academy, which enjoys a worldwide reputation as a leading forum for professional development and training in the field of medicine.more

Increasing Efficiency
Efficiency is essential for healthcare professionals and facilities, perhaps now more than ever. At B.Braun, we’ve not only made products that make processes more efficient, we’ve made the process of purchasing products more efficient too.

  • In cooperation with service providers such as Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX), B.Braun enables customers and business partners to access at-their-fingertips resources like e-tools and electronic order processing.
  • B.Braun makes its own shopping and catalog solutions and is exploring new avenues with barcode scanner systems to further facilitate in all aspects of business-to-business transactions.

Promoting Sustainability
B.Braun is committed to being a good corporate citizen, environmental leader and a responsible manufacturer. We focus on programs that champion the environment, children, arts and medical education. Just a few examples of our sustainability efforts:

  • B.Braun sponsors Sharing Expertise educational scholarships. For example, B.Braun supports the Gardner Foundation, providing scholarships for Infusion Nursing Society (INS) members wishing to pursue careers in infusion therapy. We also participate in public-private partnerships and support universities, doctors and students through grants as well as through scientific events.
  • B.Braun continually looks for ways to develop eco-friendly products and manufacturing methods. We recycle nearly 100 percent of all reusable materials.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and how it is central to the way we think, the way we work and the way we embrace the future.more