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Our Solutions


Solutions across the health care spectrum

Professionals across the health care continuum benefit from B. Braun Medical Inc. (B.Braun) health care solutions and services.

We help enable safer, more efficient and more responsible patient care for:

Anesthesia/ Pain Management
Emergency Medicine
Home Infusion Therapy
Oncology and Hematology

Our products, services and support include:

Leading-Edge Pain Control You Can Trust
B.Braun is the world leader in regional anesthesia.

Our trusted pain control and regional anesthesia products – peripheral nerve blocks, epidurals, spinals, pain pumps and custom anesthesia kits and trays – use cutting-edge technology to help anesthesiologists and nurses improve patient outcomes before procedures, on the surgical table and during recovery. more

In 2008, B.Braun published a first-of-its-kind educational guide, Dual Guidance – A Multimodal Approach to Nerve Location. Authored by three key opinion leaders in the anesthesiology field – Dr. Ralf Gebhard, Dr. William Urmey, and Dr. Admir Hadzic, with an introduction from Dr. Richard Brull – the resource defines the concept of “dual guidance,” or the use of ultrasound with nerve stimulation, as a best practice for nerve location in modern regional anesthesia.

Pharmacist to Patient IV Therapy Solutions
A full-line supplier of IV Therapy Products, B.Braun provides:

We are also a leading provider of needle-free IV systems that are fully integrated into gravity IV administration sets and infusion pump sets.

Dialysis and Renal Replacement Innovations

B.Braun has provided innovative product solutions for the dialysis community and other extracorporeal treatment markets for over 30 years.

We offer a full line of hemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy and acute peritoneal dialysis products, plus leading customer and technical support. more 

Products Steeped in Patient, Provider and Environmental Safety

Medical devices containing PVC and DEHP pose potential health hazards to people during medical care, and to the environment during waste disposal.

Over three decades ago, B.Braun took action to eliminate these chemicals from our IV solution containers and IV sets. Since 1974, we’ve spent over $100 million in developing innovative ways to offer PVC and DEHP-free product lines. Additionally, B.Braun actively supports policies calling for the industry-wide reduction of these chemicals in medical devices in an effort to raise awareness and encourage change. Today we remain the industry leader in processes, products, and green manufacturing.

Comprehensive Customer Training and Support
At B.Braun, we are known as much for the quality of our training and support as we are for our products. When you are a B.Braun customer, we partner with you to help guide you through the implementation process and beyond. Nurses and B.Braun specialists provide the in-depth clinical education tools, product-specific training and ongoing support you need to make a smooth transition.

Support doesn’t end there. You can rely on B.Braun’s Support Services for consultation on using products, maximizing safety, promoting best practices, and enhancing cost-effectiveness. Our contact numbers and 24-hour email provide more ways to get expert answers to your questions.