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Sharing Expertise® is more than a philosophy. It's a promise.

Aesculap Academy – Excellence in Medical Education   Dedicated to excellence in health care education, B. Braun Medical’s Aesculap Academy shares the Aesculapian and Hippocratic vision of developing, collecting, funding and sharing the best medical education programs available to advance clinical practice and improve patient care.

In partnership with leading academic centers, university hospitals and professional associations, Aesculap Academy offers both accredited and non-accredited coursework for:
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
Aesculap Academy offers:  
  • Medical education
  • Self-study textbooks
  • Anatomy and physiology animations 
  • Procedural videos and live simulation-based, mastery-learning classroom programs in the areas of acute pain management and infusion therapy
Educational Research

In addition, Aesculap Academy is actively involved in educational research to determine how our courses directly impact clinical practice and patient care. We want to determine if there is a significant difference in time to peripheral IV insertion skill application with new nursing graduates who participate in a 2-day simulation-based, mastery learning program compared to a control group that does not participate in the program.


Additional Educational Initiatives

The INS Knowledge Center, funded by a B. Braun Medical Aesculap Academy educational grant, was developed as a means to augment INS’ existing live continuing education offerings. This on-line learning platform houses a wide variety of educational programming, content and resources that allows clinicians to participate in eLearning activities to receive continuing education credit and CRNI® recertification units.

For more information, visit the INS Knowledge Center
INS Knowledge Center


The BLOCKNURSING Course is a day-and-a-half workshop focusing on advancing the knowledge and skills of the Regional Anesthesia nurse practitioner. The course is geared toward the nurse who is currently working as a block nurse and those who are interested in moving into this emerging specialty. The comprehensive workbook used throughout the course can also be used to help as an operations manual for nurse participants who are charged with developing new peripheral nerve block (PNB) programs in their institutions.

For more information and training dates visit the BLOCKNURSING Course page Block Nurse Course page


We are currently beta testing the DOCSTREAM DOC-IN-THE-BOX live videoconferencing system in collaboration with BLOCKJOCKS.COM LLC. This synchronous e-residency platform offers novice physicians the opportunity to conduct their first peripheral nerve block (PNB) procedures with an expert physician “virtually” present for live coaching and feedback. We believe that DOC-IN-THE-BOX will improve the time to PNB practice competency, ensure first procedure success and enhance patient safety.

For more information visit the DOCSTREAM website DOCSTREAM website