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Needlefree IV Administration Sets


EMS IV Administration Sets

Designed to meet the demanding performance needs of EMS Professionals.

  • Injection sites are optimally positioned for easy access and IV pushes
  • Available in 10, 15, and 60 drop
  • Compatible with pre-filled flush syringes
  • IV sets do not contain DEHP or natural rubber latex
  • Rate Flow® Regulator designed to provide:
    • Consistency and accuracy during gravity delivery to minimize runaway infusion
    • Selectable flow rate from 5mL/hr to a maximum of 250mL/hr
    • Choice of Needle-free Injection Sites for flexibility:
      • ULTRASITE® Needle-free IV Systems
      • SAFELINE® Needle-free IV Systems
      • SafeDAY™ 24-hour Needle-free IV Administration Sets