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The B. Braun Introcan Safety® family of peripheral IV catheters offers truly passive safety features that are activated automatically and cannot be bypassed. Both the Introcan Safety and the Introcan Safety 3 Closed IV Catheter minimize needlestick injuries and promote first stick success. The Introcan Safety 3 Closed IV Catheter provides an added safety feature with a multi-access blood control septum preventing blood exposure after withdrawing the needle and every time the hub is accessed.

Reduce Needlestick Injuries: recent studies1,2 confirm that passive safety designs offer 2-3 times better protection against accidental needlesticks than active designs. INS Standards also recommend the use of passive safety devices.

Promote First Stick Success: the innovative Double Flashback technology allows separate confirmation of both needle and catheter placement, which can result in better first stick success and greater responder confidence. New Thinwall technology in our 24 Ga. catheters is designed to speed flashback of blood to help confirm placement in patients. Research also shows Introcan Safety® is easier to introduce into the vein compared to the leading IV catheter.3


Introcan Safety IV Catheter


Introcan Safety 3 Closed IV Catheter


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