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APEX of Performance


Compounding without compromise

One machine. Macro and micro. Designed for your most critical needs. 

When a life depends on less than a milliliter of a medication, there’s no room for human error. B. Braun designed the APEX™ Compounding System with your most critical patients and your most critical needs in mind. Speed and accuracy, ease of use and efficiency, macro and micro –for the first time, you have a choice.

From its large user display and 26-lead preassembled sets to its dual-drive filling technology and automated delivery as low as 0.2 mL, APEX is designed to outperform your current compounder. Automated delivery of complex macro and micronutrients allows you to be confident that each patient is receiving precisely the dosage they are prescribed.

Elevate your compounding with APEX.

Efficiency made easy

Every day, patient lives depend on critical nutrition, so APEX™ makes every second count. By automating the complete process from pumping to manual add verification, APEX was designed to improve efficiency in your pharmacy every step of the way.

  • Reduces manual additions by using 26 ports capable of dispensing low volumes
  • Using dual-drive filling technology for concurrent delivery of macro and micro ingredients, APEX is designed to expedite compounding completion
  • Accelerates dispensing with 7 flex lines that allow the prescribed volume to determine whether the ingredient is delivered on the macro or micro branch of the tubing
    •  >/= 10 mL is delivered on the macro tubing, which is up to 6x faster than delivery on the micro tubing
    • < 10 mL is delivered on the micro tubing for automated accuracy of small volume additions

Simple: From setup to cleanup

APEX was developed to work with you by people who understand the challenges you face in the pharmacy. Understanding the complexity of ordering and compounding customized parenteral nutrition, APEX was designed to:

  • Facilitate a smoother compounding process
  • Guide preparation for compounding with Setup Wizard
  • Help you intuitively navigate the software using Windows®-based program drop-down menus
  • Increase legibility and enable easy activation of touch screen buttons with its large control panel
  • Minimize down time with its built-in training and on-screen multimedia assistance
  • Provide easy setup through its streamlined transfer set packaging
  • Aid log-in and approval with barcoded user badges

Safety for your patients and protection for your pharmacy

As with all B. Braun products, APEX™ was inspired by patient safety and built with your needs in mind. With verifications every step of the way, your pharmacy and patients are protected from start to finish.

  • Solution verification and automated programming with barcode scanner
  • Preassembled, barcoded transfer set design eliminates the possibility of transposing solution lines and reduces the risk of touch contamination
  • Tracks manual additions and verifies dispensing

Precision in every detail

Many people are depending on your precision. APEX is designed to automatically calculate and mix complex solutions with up to 26 unique ingredients. So even in the fast-paced world of pharmacy, you’ll see improved accuracy from high volumes to micro additions.

  • Dispenses volumes as low as 0.2 mL
  • ±10% or 0.03 mL, whichever is less at ≤1 mL and ≥ 0.2 mL; ±3% at greater than 1 mL
  • Gravimetric verification following volumetric delivery
  • 26 ports maximize the number of ingredients that can be automatically delivered
  •  Dual-driving filling technology for precise macro and micro delivery

Seamless order protection

With up to 40 different ingredients, TPN formulations are some of the most complex that a pharmacy will compound. APEX’s clinical decision support software automates calculations and streamlines the order process from physician to pharmacist to patient. More protection for the patient means more protection for your pharmacy.

  • Helps eliminate transcription errors and reduce the incidence of Ca/P incompatibility
  • The only compounding software with Trissel's™ Ca/P Safety Check Software
  • Customized warning and hard limits for every ingredient within your TPN formulations
  • Browser-based software, accessible from any device on the network for computerized prescriber order entry and pharmacist review and approvals
  • EMR interfaces for seamless data transfer
  • Reduces medication errors by automating complex calculations
  • Provides nutrition assessment using the Harris-Benedict equation

The APEX Compounding System is a comprehensive solution to a pharmacy’s everyday and emergency needs, with macro and micro compounding in one machine. We know that each dose and every patient’s life is as important as the next.

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