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B. Braun is committed to protecting healthcare workers, patients and the environment through our high-quality products and services. Some key products include:


Health care worker safety is as important as patient safety. OnGuard CSTD protects employees against the harmful risks of hazardous drug exposure. With more than 500 customers, OnGuard is the market leader in CSTD air-cleaning technology, a NIOSH-recognized hazardous drug containment technology. The unique features of this technology are designed to make OnGuard easy to operate and easy to integrate into your practice to help you meet USP 800.

- 99% of hazardous drug compounding can be done with just 3 SKU. Designed to reduce waste, help make implementations easier and reduce confusion.
- Just compound and go. No need to pre-prime or pre-activate the vial adaptor.
- Click to lock. No push and twist. Linear connection designed to help reduce repetitive strain injury (RSI) and provide audible click for validation.
- Flat and smooth valve surfaces. Designed for easier swabability and disinfection.
- No proprietary components. Works with any off the shelf syringe, no need to stock new syringes.
- 16G fluid pathway. Helps facilitate easier withdrawal of viscous fluids.


B. Braun’s E3® IV containers are a first of its kind offering that provide healthcare professionals with the highest quality, easy-to-use IV containers that are not made with natural rubber latex, DEHP or PVC. E3 represents the latest advancement in IV container technology in more than 25 years.

TITAN™ XL is the only large-volume, flexible containers approved in the U.S. that are not made with natural rubber latex, DEHP or PVC. B. Braun’s TITAN™ XL line of large-volume, flexible irrigation containers includes 3L Lactated Ringers for Irrigation, 2L and 3L Sterile Water for Irrigation, 2L and 3L 0.9% Sodium Chloride for Irrigation and 3L 1.5% Glycine for Irrigation USP.


B. Braun is a leader in infusion therapy and pain management and we offer a full-line of first-class regional anesthesia trays – like the market leading Perifix® continuous and single-dose epidural trays featuring the new Perifix® Soft Tip atraumatic epidural catheter and the FX springwound epidural catheter with open and closed tip. Spinal products, epidural products and peripheral nerve block products complete our portfolio of pain management products.


B. Braun offers a complete line of basic nutrition products for parenteral administration including amino acid injections, fat emulsion products and concentrated dextrose to meet both basic and specialty nutrition needs, including parenteral nutrition industry firsts such as TrophAmine®, HepatAmine® and ProcalAmine®. We provide assistance with product decisions, technical support and more.

B. Braun launched  Nutrilipid® 20% (I.V. fat emulsion) in flexible containers that are not made with natural rubber latex, DEHP (a plasticizer and known toxicant) or PVC (a likely carcinogen when incinerated). The launch of Nutrilipid 20% will help alleviate the short supply of lipid emulsion products the U.S. has seen over the past few years.

B. Braun is committed to growing its clinical nutrition compounding offerings and received FDA approval for Sterile Water for Injection USP in 2L and 3L TITANTM XL containers and Dextrose 70% in 2L containers. These pharmacy bulk package new products will be used with B. Braun’s PINNACLE® TPN Management System and other automated compounding devices.


CAPS® (Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc.), is the market leader in outsourced parenteral nutrition. With 22 503A regional locations, CAPS offers the largest network of pharmacies that deliver same-day customized compounding for neonates, pediatrics, and adults. CAPS also has two locations registered as outsourcing facilities under section 503B of the Drug Quality and Security Act to address customer anticipatory needs. For over two decades, CAPS has been delivering solutions, quality and confidence.

The enhanced, easy-to-use PINNACLE® TPN Manager Software with Trissel’s™ Ca/P Safety Check Software allows computerized prescriber order entry that is fully integrated with the PINNACLE Compounder improving the safety of prescribing and compounding TPN. 


Introcan Safety® IV Catheter, which is designed with innovative passive-safety features to help eliminate accidental needlestick injury - effortlessly. From insertion and catheter deployment to needle removal, clinicians are protected by a truly passive safety device that is activated automatically - no extra steps required and cannot be bypassed.

Introcan Safety® 3 Closed IV Catheter, B.Braun’s latest innovation, which takes the same preferred passive safety-engineered needlestick protection found in Introcan Safety and adds additional protection from blood exposure. For safety and convenience, the Introcan Safety 3's unique multi-access blood control septum minimizes blood exposure during needle removal and each time the catheter hub is accessed.


The Outlook® 400ES Safety Infusion System is the infusion component of the Synchronized Intelligence™ platform that incorporates the DoseCom™, bi-directional, wireless feature. This feature enables auto-programming, auto-documentation and alarm notification integration with third party EHR vendors to provide ‘Auto-Complete’ capabilities. Systems integration can be accomplished using established IHE-PCD HL7 communication protocols with B. Braun’s DoseLink™ gateway software or by direct data feed through third party integration engines.


B. Braun’s Synchronized Intelligence™ Infusion Platform, launched in 2014, offers customers the first and only wireless, integrated technology system for IV pump infusion that is IHE* certified for all three AutoComplete integration functions, which include auto-programming, auto-documentation and auto-notification. New software applications were launched at ASHP, including DoseTrac® Infusion Management Software for iPad and PharmView. DoseTrac’s real-time reporting and insight for pharmacy, nursing, and biomed identifies continuous quality improvements for additional drug library enhancements and corrective practice education all through the iPad. Additionally, PharmView provides pharmacist real-time infusion insight in order to proactively prepare IVs before they are due to the patient and help achieve “just in time” production.


The DUPLEX® Container is a revolutionary system designed to simplify intravenous antibiotic delivery to patients, minimize the potential for medication errors, eliminate the pharmacy labor component of IV antibiotic delivery and reduce drug waste. Consisting of a pre-filled, flexible plastic IV bag containing proper doses of drug and diluent in two different compartments separated by a quick release seal. The caregiver simply squeezes the bag to mix the drug and diluent just prior to administration. The DUPLEX container is not made with natural rubber latex, PVC or DEHP. B. Braun has expanded its broad spectrum of intravenous antibiotic therapies for the hospital setting via its DUPLEX container, which includes its family of cephalosporins. 


B. Braun’s renal therapies division, Avitum, has been a leading provider of dialysis care products for more than 30 years. As a manufacturer and distributor of hemodialysis equipment and related disposables, we offer the technology and dialysis products needed for therapy from one single source. B. Braun Avitum does much more than simply manufacture top quality dialysis machines, dialyzers and disposables. We offer an integrated system composed of perfectly harmonized components. These include a wide range of therapy options, software solutions for optimal and economical dialysis treatment, and full technical service support. Customers profit from the expertise of an all around system supplier with comprehensive knowledge and experience of every aspect of the dialysis situation– from research to manufacturing to therapy.


The Diapact® CRRT is a compact, self-contained system for high-flow continuous or intermittent renal replacement therapies and plasmapheresis. The Diapact’s design minimizes demand on personnel, yet allows the highest quality and widest range of treatment forms available. Size and ease to transport make it ideal for use in Intensive Care Units or for use by patients who need continuous renal replacement therapies.


We have more devices for accurate, efficient admixture procedures than any other single source. Our complete line of admixture solutions include Chemo Dispensing Pin™, Multi-Ad® Fluid Dispensing System, and Filter Straw® particulate matter. We also offer products for fluid transfers, filtration, compounding, dispensing, capping, connecting and virtually any other admixture procedure.


Prontosan®  is a unique surface active wound cleanser setting a NEW STANDARD. Two effective ingredients combined to maximize cleansing power: PHMB & Betaine. PHMB (Polyhexanide) functions as a preservative (also found in contact lens solution) that inhibits the growth of microorganisms within the product. Betaine (Surfactant) is a surface-active cleanser that provides immediate debridement