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OnGuard Spike Port Adaptor

Adapts a dedicated IV pump tubing set or gravity tubing set. Length: 8 in. (20 cm)

OnGuard Spike Port Adaptor
Tevadaptor™ Spike Port Adaptor


Benefits of OnGuard® CSTD:

  • Majority of hazardous drug compounding can be done with just 3 SKU. Designed to reduce waste, help make implementations easier and reduce confusion.
  • Just compound and go. No need to pre-prime or pre-activate the vial adaptor.
  • Click to lock. No push and twist. Linear connection designed to help reduce repetitive strain injury (RSI) and provide audible click for validation.
  • Flat and smooth valve surfaces. Designed for easier swabability and disinfection.
  • No proprietary components. Works with any off the shelf syringe, no need to stock new syringes.
  • 16G fluid pathway. Helps facilitate easier withdrawal of viscous fluids.
Product Identification
Product ID (Product Code)412113
Reference Number412113
NDC / WSN Number08021-4121-13
Latex Information Not made with Natural Rubber Latex
Storage and Shipping
Maximum Shelf Life (months)036
Ordering UnitCase
Units per Case100
Products Dimensions per Case15.748 x 11.811 x 8.110 inches
Product Shipping Weight per Case4.431 lb
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    FDA ONB Clearance
  • PDF [320 KB]
    Prevention of Hazardous Drug Vapor Release by the Tevadaptor Vial Adaptor
  • PDF [848 KB]
    Head-to-Head Evaluation of CSTDs in a Health-System Oncology Clinic
  • PDF [1538 KB]
    A Universal Test Protocol for Assessment of all CSTD Technologies: Assessment of the Containment Performance of CSTDs that Either Employ a Mechanically Closed Physical Barrier or air Filtration Technology
  • PDF [3622 KB]
    Cytotoxic Exposure: Healthcare Worker Risks
  • PDF [241 KB]
    Evaluation of a Closed-System Cytotoxic Transfer Device in a Pharmaceutical Isolator