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HepatAmine®, Glass, 500 mL

8% Specialty Amino Acids Injection


HepatAmine® (8% Amino Acid Injection) is a sterile, nonpyrogenic, hypertonic solution containing crystalline amino acids. A 500 mL unit provides a total of 40 g of amino acids and 6 g of nitrogen (38 g of protein equivalent).

HepatAmine® is indicated for the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy in patients with cirrhosis or hepatitis. HepatAmine® provides nutritional support for patients with these diseases of the liver who require parenteral nutrition and are intolerant of general purpose amino acid injections, which are contraindicated in patients with hepatic coma.

Specific Gravity: 1.026

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Product Identification
Product ID (Product Code)S9371-SS
Reference NumberS9371-SS
NDC / WSN Number00264-9371-55
DEHP Information Not Manufactured with DEHP
Latex Information Not Manufactured with Latex
PVC Information Not Manufactured with PVC
Storage and Shipping
Maximum Shelf Life (months)006
Ordering UnitCase
Units per Case6
Products Dimensions per Case10.437 x 7.000 x 8.625 inches
Product Shipping Weight per Case12.500 lb
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