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Large Volume Infusion Pump System with Two-Way Wireless and Drug Library and Barcoding

Safety-driven, two-way wireless synchronizes real-time IV data

Large Volume Infusion Pump System with Two-Way Wireless and Drug Library and Barcoding
Outlook 400ES


The Outlook® 400ES Safety Infusion Pump System can be programmed using infusion data transmitted from a wireless-enabled PC or hand-held device, helping to eliminate IV medication administration errors often attributed to manual programming. Along with all the safety features of the Outlook® 300ES, the addition of bi-directional wireless communication capabilities helps to increase patient safety.

The Outlook® 400ES is also compatible with the Configuration Management Application (CMA) software that allows drug library updates to be sent wirelessly to all network connected pumps. Benefits include:

  • Open architecture design for easier integration with external vendor applications
  • Non-exclusive partnerships with pharmacy system vendors that speed implementation
  • Time and money savings, by eliminating the need to manually update drug libraries
  • Customized system solutions to meet your infusion therapy needs
  • Intuitive: Amicroprocessor in each pump helps prevent channel confusion and catastrophic pump failures
  • Versatile: Vertical stacking takes less space
  • + KeyGuard™: Non-numeric keypad with simple arrows to help prevent manual programming errors related to zero vs. decimal entry
  • Air Trapping Cassette: Catches up to 3 mLs of air helping to reduce nuisance air-in-line alarms
  • Proven delivery mechanism providing reliable and accurate operation
  • Real-time display of dose and limit values during infusion for titration safety
  • Active alphabetic matrix for quick and easy drug selection
  • Loading Dose and On Demand Bolus configurations for all DoseGuard Drugs
  • Single screen programming reducing reliance on memory
  • Incorporating wireless data communication with patient safety in mind
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Product Identification
Product ID (Product Code)621-400ES
Reference Number621-400ES
NDC / WSN Number08021-0002-99
Latex Information Not made with Natural Rubber Latex
Storage and Shipping
Maximum Shelf Life (months)035
Ordering UnitPiece
Sterile No
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