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IV Sets, IV Catheters and Accessories

Trust your IV therapy to B. Braun Medical's IV Sets, IV Catheters and Accessories. Designed and tested from the start to ensure the highest quality, functionality and reliability, B. Braun IV components give you the added confidence that your systems will work together seamlessly, while ensuring the highest standards of safety for your clinicians, patients and the environment.

Anesthesia Disinfection Workstation

The Anesthesia Disinfection Workstation is designed to organize the anesthesia workspace in the operating room. The workstation includes the DOCit(TM) and HubScrub(TM) disposable sterilization devices. The DOCit device is intended to disinfect and clean syringe tips and male luer connectors. The HubScrub device is intended to disinfect and clean needleless connectors and stopcocks.

IV Administration Sets and Accessories

As a leader in IV Therapy products, B. Braun strives to offer solutions that help clinicians solve daily issues in IV Therapy and help to improve patient care and outcomes. B. Braun IV Administration Sets and Accessories are available with a variety of different components and configurations to meet a wide range of clinical applications.

IV Safety Catheters

The Introcan Safety® IV Catheter is designed with innovative passive-safety features to help eliminate accidental needlestick injury - effortlessly. Although safety devices were introduced over a decade ago, preventing needlestick injuries continues to be a major concern. From insertion to catheter deployment to needle removal, clinicians are protected by a truly passive safety device that is activated automatically - no extra steps - and cannot be bypassed.

Needleless Connectors

Needleless connectors offer a safe way to access IV lines without the use of a needle, which greatly reduces the risk of accidental needlestick injuries. B. Braun offers a variety of needleless connector devices to meet the desired need of individual facilities. These include SafeLine® Split Septum device, SAFSITE® Capped Luer Access device, ULTRASITE® Luer Access device, ULTRASITE® Ag Luer Access Device and CARESITE® Luer Access device.

Needlestick Prevention

Although the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act was signed into legislation in the United States in 2000, there still remains much to be done to protect health care workers against sharps injuries that potentially expose them to deadly blood borne pathogens. According to recent research, (2011 Healthcare Worker Risks from Short Peripheral Catheter Insertion), percutaneous injuries to healthcare workers from a sharps device are four times more likely to occur than mucocutaneous exposure and pose a greater threat to disease transmission. Also, according to the 2008 Study of Nurses Views on Workplace Safety and Needlestick Injuries, nearly two-thirds of US nurses say needlestick injuries and blood borne infections remain major concerns. B. Braun Medical is committed to addressing these issues by providing the most effective safety- engineered IV therapy devices for optimum safety in the workplace.

Safety Huber Needles

B. Braun's WHIN® Safe Huber Needle is the clear choice for implantable port access, integrating the design features of two safety devices in a single huber needle - protecting clinicians from both needlestick injuries, and expelled blood and fluid. With an easy-to-dress design, the device includes a safety shield that covers the needle tip as it is withdrawn, for both clinician and patient safety.