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Anesthesia IV Administration Sets and Accessories

Anesthesia IV Administration Sets

Wide offering of quality innovative designs to meet everyday demand with the flexibility to adapt to evolving environmental challenges.

Anesthesia IV Extension Sets

Our preassembled extension sets reduce preparation time, the number of delivery set changes and storeroom inventory while giving you the versatility needed for varying procedures. The adaptable configurations with multiple injection sites, stopcocks and manifolds meet your diverse needs, while reducing the risk of fluid path contamination. Reduce the need to keep full anesthesia IV administration sets containing all the components on hand, find additional convenience and savings from removable manifolds and stopcocks; allowing the set to transfer with the patient. Transferring swabbable closed system sets (ULTRAPORT™, ULTRAPORT™ zer0, or swabbable SAFEPORT Manifold) with the patient reduces set changes and risk of infection. Choose from: - ULTRAPORT and ULTRAPORT zer0 Extension & Anesthesia Sets - Design Options - SAFEPORT Extension & Anesthesia Sets - Anesthesia Extension and Administration Sets


Use two and three port normally closed valve manifolds for maximum fluid and drug delivery efficiency in the Operating Room. Confidently maintain drug dosing integrity when administering multiple drugs with backcheck valves in each port.


B. Braun offers a full range of stopcocks to assist you in controlling fluid flow through IV delivery systems, with versatile options to meet all your IV therapy needs, including: - Standard single packaged - 9 French high-flow - 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-ganged configurations - Silver impregnated antimicrobial versions Choose from minimal or zero dead space with the innovative ULTRAPORT™ or ULTRAPORT™ zer0. Each has the added safety and convenience of a swabbable, needle-free valve that can make sterile replacement caps and leakage from a handle inadvertently left open a thing of the past All B. Braun stopcocks are composed of lipid-resistant material, featuring a port cover and transparent housing which allows a clear view of the fluid path.