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Needleless Connectors

Needleless connectors offer a safe way to access IV lines without the use of a needle, which greatly reduces the risk of accidental needlestick injuries. B. Braun offers a variety of needleless connector devices to meet the desired need of individual facilities. These include SafeLine® Split Septum device, SAFSITE® Capped Luer Access device, ULTRASITE® Luer Access device, ULTRASITE® Ag Luer Access Device and CARESITE® Luer Access device.

CARESITE® Luer Access Device
The clear leader in needle-free safety, disinfection and ease of use more
SAFELINE® Split Septum Needleless Connector
Needle-free — and hassle-free — IV connection adaptability and safety more
ULTRASITE® Luer Access Device
The ULTRASITE® Luer Access Device is designed to protect both patients and healthcare professionals by reducing accidental needlestick injuries (NSIs) and preventing blood drawbacks when injecting, aspirating or infusing fluids and medications. more