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Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia

As the worldwide market leader in Regional Anesthesia, B. Braun advocates and educates for the appropriate use of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management to help manage the cost & complexity of healthcare delivery through improved patient and facility outcomes.

Epidural Anesthesia

Perifix® Epidural products combine precision, quality, and control - features you need to meet today's exacting pain control demands. Whether you are relying on our needles, catheters, syringes or trays, the advanced design and quality of the Perifix family of products helps ensure safe and reliable Epidural procedures.

Spinal Anesthesia

B. Braun's spinal products, including the proprietary Pencan® and Spinocan® needles and trays, offer safety and reliablility that are key for successful spinal anesthesia. With a wide selection of choices you will find the right product configuration for your daily routine.

Combined Spinal Epidural Anesthesia (CSE)

Perform combined spinal epidural anesthesia (CSE) with B. Braun's Espocan®, one of the most technically advanced devices, using a combination of two uniquely patented regional anesthesia needles designed to enhance your CSE technique. Conveniently packaged in a variety of CSE procedural trays or needle sets.

Peripheral Nerve Blocks

We understand there are many ways to achieve nerve block success. Regardless of your choice, one thing remains clear - you trust the market leader to continue to deliver the high reliability and safety profile you expect for your patients. 25 years ago we introduced the first nerve stimulator. Today we manufacture Ultrasound, Dual Guidance and Stimulation products to help you get there - whichever road you take.

Design Options Pain Management Trays (Kits)

B. Braun Regional Anesthesia Tray configurations can be designed precisely the way individual technique and procedures require. The flexibility of our Design Options® Pain Management Trays program helps promote standardization and consistency throughout your organization, increases safety and efficiency, and ultimately helps ensure the best possible care for your patients.