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Epidural Anesthesia

Perifix® Epidural products combine precision, quality, and control - features you need to meet today's exacting pain control demands. Whether you are relying on our needles, catheters, syringes or trays, the advanced design and quality of the Perifix family of products helps ensure safe and reliable Epidural procedures.

Epidural Needles

Because each patient presents a unique anatomical condition, precision and versatility are equally important in epidural procedures. With Perifix® epidural needles, along with an extensive selection of sizes, styles and features to meet any application, you are also assured meticulous construction and reliability.

Catheters for Epidural Anesthesia

Reliable product performance has been the hallmark of B. Braun epidural catheters for more than 25 years. Because of this, anesthesia providers have come to trust and depend on Perifix® epidural catheters: Perifix FX Springwound, Perifix ONE, Perifix SoftTip and Perifix.

Epidural Sets

With B. Braun sets, you can convert your existing epidural tray to fit a special procedure or temporarily use a different type of catheter or needle. Sets contain an epidural needle with your choice of catheter and catheter connector.

Epidural Trays (Kits)

As the world leader in epidural products, and the leading supplier of epidural trays in North America, B. Braun offers the broadest variety of standard line single dose and continuous epidural tray configurations. B. Braun epidural trays feature a variety of epidural needles, catheters accessories.

Accessories for Epidural Anesthesia

Clinicians rely on the unsurpassed quality of the Perifix® family of products to help ensure safe and reliable epidural procedures. B. Braun, the global leader in regional anesthesia products, offers a variety of epidural accessories individually packaged as drop-on options for your existing Epidural or CSE tray.