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Peripheral Nerve Blocks

We understand there are many ways to achieve nerve block success. Regardless of your choice, one thing remains clear - you trust the market leader to continue to deliver the high reliability and safety profile you expect for your patients. 25 years ago we introduced the first nerve stimulator. Today we manufacture Ultrasound, Dual Guidance and Stimulation products to help you get there - whichever road you take.

Single Shot Block Needles

B. Braun offers a wide variety of stimulating, non-stimulating and echogenic single shot needles to suit all clinical preferences.

Continuous Nerve Block Sets and Trays (Kits)

We offer a selection of sets and trays with stimulating, non-stimulating and echogenic nerve block catheters.

Nerve Block Support Trays (Kits)

We have several standard support trays as well as the ability to customize trays to meet your individual needs. Trays without procedural needles are available to support single shot or continuous nerve block procedures.

Monitoring Accessories

B-Smart™ Injection Pressure Monitor, Stimuplex® HNS12 Nerve Stimulator and other peripheral nerve block accessories