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Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT)

To meet the challenging demands for intensive care units, the B. Braun Diapact® CRRT System for continuous renal replacement therapy offers a system for high-flow continuous and intermittent dialysis therapies and plasmapheresis. The Diapact CRRT system is supported with the Diapact CRRT tubing kits and the Duosol™ bicarbonate dialysate solutions.

Diapact® CRRT system
The Diapact® CRRT system, an integrated approach for high-flow continuous or intermittent renal replacement and plasma therapies more
Diapact® CRRT Disposables
CRRT Treatment kits for CVVH, CVVHD/CVHFD, HD/HFD and PEX more
Duosol™ Bicarbonate Dialysate
Sterile bicarbonate based dialysate in a two-chamber, ready-to-use bag for easy and efficient CRRT therapy treatment. more

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