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Flexima®3S Flat Base Plate with Tape Border

Base Plates

Flexima®3S Flat Base Plate with Tape Border
Flexima 3S Flat Extended Wear Base Plate


Flexima® 3S flatbase plates with tape border have been designed for flush stomas with an acrylic border for extra security. Flexima 3S flat base plates with tape border available in pre-cut and cut-to-fit are to be used with Flexima® 3S pouches. Box of 5. HCPCS Code A4409

Flexima® 3S = Simple, Soft and Secure:

SIMPLE: 2-piece mechanical coupling system: guides into position, easy to fit, easy to clean and intuitive. Multiple orientation with possibility of 3 pouch positions according to body configuration and preference.

SOFT: Highly flexible for comfort: floating flange minimizes pressure on the abdomen at application.

SECURE: Leak-proof due to the low profile mechanical coupling system with audible ‘click’. Optional belt fixation for more stability with 3 belt hooks on the pouch.