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PINNACLE® TPN Management System

Streamlining compounding efficiencies and safety for exceptional TPN management

PINNACLE® TPN Management System
PINNACLE® TPN Management System


The PINNACLE® TPN Management System streamlines all functional areas of operation and manages all aspects of the TPN process for improved compounding efficiency and safety. It is:

Fast and Efficient

  • Helps reduce transcription errors and expedites patient care through direct electronic communication from physician to pharmacist
  • Minimizes set-up time – less than 15 minutes
  • Helps reduce time required for TPN preparation–1 liter in less than 1 minute
  • Decreases risk of touch contamination with preassembled dispensing sets

Smart and Accurate

  • Helps reduce medication errors by using barcode verification and barcoded patient prescriptions
  • Implements automatic quality assurance checks throughout the TPN process
  • Connects multiple facilities for standardized and streamlined compounding operations
  • Provides access to Trissel’s™ Ca/P Check Safety Software for informed decision on solution compatibility

User Friendly

  • Windows®-based user format with easy touch-screen and pull-down menus
  • Minimizes down time: real-time help feature identifies and resolves errors quickly
  • Easy-to-follow tutorial
  • Trained customer support team available 24/7
  • Flexibility for single-, multiple-, and network-user access and Internet capability


  • Graphical Calcium/Phosphate solubility with Trissel’sTM Ca/P Safety Check Software
  • Multiple ordering methods (/kg, /day, /mL, /L, /dL, %, etc.)
  • Electrolyte ordering in ions and salts
  • Aluminum calculations and warning limits, with printout option on the label
  • Nutrition Assessments available for a variety of patient types
  • Automated calculations and warnings for calcium/phosphate solubility, anion and cation balance, overfill, and osmolarity limits
  • Cost and Inventory tracking
  • Label generation with barcoded prescriptions to eliminate manual entry on the compounder and infusion pump
  • Interfacing available


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