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Stimuplex® A

Stimulating, non-echogenic needle, single-shot nerve block.


Stimuplex® A is a stimulating, non-echogenicsingle shot needle designed for optimal puncture and handling characteristics.

Stimuplex A is the most frequently used single-shot needle in the United States.1

Design Advantages

Stimuplex A received the highest usability score in a study comparing different manufacturers needles.2

  • Puncture and handling characteristics with 30° bevel.
  • Consistent feel: Enables user to appreciate the needles’ passage through different tissue planes.
  • Optimal glide resistance: For smooth progression of needle.
  • Visualize insertion depth with cm markings
  • Integrated extension tubing.

For use with HNS11/12 and Stimuplex DIG Nerve stimulators.

1. IMS Data Q3 2011
2. Sardesai A , Denny N, Herrick M, Lynch A, Harrop-Griffiths AW, "A study of the characteristics of single-injection insulated block needles in a biologic model." Reg Anesth and Pain Med. 2004;29(5):476-479.

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