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DialogHemodialysis Systems

Innovation, Efficiency, Quality

DialogHemodialysis Systems
Dialog+ Hemodialysis System


The Dialog Hemodialysis system was designed with features that prioritize patient safety and ease of operation for the healthcare professional. Dialog+ will provide your dialysis clinic with the following:

• Flexible treatment options with accurate measuring
• Reduced noise emission
• Integrated heat exchanger
• Shorter and programmable disinfection cycles
• Stand-by mode to minimize dialysis concentrate waste

Simple to Use - Easy to Learn
The Dialog Hemodialysis System is known for its unique technical design which consists of:

• Innovative use of icons on a color touch screen
• Rotating flat screen for viewing from all angles
• The Technical Service Mode (TSM) includes online TrendingGraphsand Technical Data to support the operatorandtechnician with real-time information and historic information about the treatment parameters.

DescriptionProduct Code
Dialog Evolution Hemodialysis System
Harmonizing dialysis technology with individual patient treatment