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DialogHemodialysis Systems

Harmonizing dialysis technology with individual patient treatment

DialogHemodialysis Systems
Dialog+ Hemodialysis System


Simple to Use - Easy to Learn

The Dialog Hemodialysis System is the result of B. Braun's commitment to develop solutions that continue to improve the dialysis treatment for the patient and the clinical staff. the Dialog+ hemodialysis system's integrated and efficient treatment system allows users to have the greatest number of possible configurations to individualize the patient's dialysis treatment.

  • Adimea - Kt/V Real-time monitoring of the dialysis dose during entire treatment
  • Treatment Profiling Capability - UF, Na, Bicarb, Temperature, Dialysate Flow, PULSE, and Heparin parameters can be profiled for individual patients

The Dialog+ Hemodialysis System's unique technical design is known for its state-of-the-art technology with its innovative use of icons on a color touch screen, a rotating flat screen for easy handling and viewing from all angles. Technical Service Mode (TSM), online Trending Graphs and Technical Data to support the operator and technician with real-time information and historic information on treatment parameters. The Dialog+ continues to build on that innovative technological platform for treatment efficiency, patient comfort, preventative maintenance and cost effectiveness.

  • Reduction of noise
  • Integrated heat exchanger
  • Reduced disinfection times
  • Flow Block Technology
  • Stand by Mode
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Dialog Evolution Hemodialysis System
Harmonizing dialysis technology with individual patient treatment