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Plenamine 15%, Glass, 1000 mL

15% Amino Acids Injection PBP

Plenamine 15%, Glass, 1000 mL
S3200-SS_B. Braun 15% Amino Acids


Plenamine™ 15% Amino Acids Injection in a Pharmacy Bulk Package is a sterile, clear, nonpyrogenic solution of essential and nonessential amino acids for intravenous infusion in parenteral nutrition following appropriate dilution.

Plenamine™ 15% in a Pharmacy Bulk Package is not for direct infusion. It is a sterile dosage form which contains several single doses for use in a pharmacy admixture program in the preparation of intravenous parenteral fluids.

Plenamine™ 15% is indicated as an amino acid (nitrogen) source in parenteral nutrition regimens. This use is appropriate when the enteral route is inadvisable, inadequate or not possible, as when:

  • Gastrointestinal absorption is impaired by obstruction, inflammatory disease or its complications, or antineoplastic therapy;
  • Bowel rest is needed because of gastrointestinal surgery or its complications such as ileus, fistulae or anastomotic leaks;
  • Tube feeding methods alone cannot provide adequate nutrition.

Specific Gravity: 1.049

Product Identification
Product ID (Product Code)S3200-SS
Reference NumberS3200-SS
NDC / WSN Number00264-3200-55
Storage and Shipping
Maximum Shelf Life (months)018
Ordering UnitCase
Units per Case6
Products Dimensions per Case13.063 x 8.750 x 9.500 inches
Product Shipping Weight per Case23.016 lb
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