InVision-Plus® IV Connector with Neutral Advantage Technology

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The Advantage is Clear

Needleless connectors offer a safe way to access IV lines without the use of a needle, which greatly reduces the risk of accidental needlestick injuries. The InVision-Plus® with Neutral Advantage Technology is the newest addition to the B. Braun family of needleless connectors.
The innovative design of the InVision-Plus provides some unique benefits to both the clinicians and patients:
• Incorporates septum seal integrity with double microbial barrier with a simple, internal cannula design with no moving parts within the fluid pathway.
• 100% effective fluid pathway clearing of all blood components with as little as 5 mL saline flush
• Priming volume of 0.027 mL
What is Neutral Advantage Technology?
Neutral advantage technology is the foundation for all InVision-Plus® products and consists of a 10 point standard - designed to inhibit migration of bacteria into the fluid pathway potentially improving and enhancing clinician safety.
In addition to optimizing protection for the patient, the needlefree protection system must also aid and support the clinician by allowing for successful, consistent application of clinical practices and protocols, i.e. swabbing, flushing, and simplified staff education. The InVision-Plus® with Neutral Advantage Technology addresses the needs of both the patient and the clinician.