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Working collaboratively B. Braun will help you implement new technologies with effective project management, consultation and education throughout the life of our products.

Our team of Clinical Experts have a variety of services to help you achieve safe infusion. From the IV solution bag, to the infusion pump, to the tip of the IV catheter.

Collaborative Care is the goal with all of our clients. 

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Quick Reference Guide Library

Space™ Pump

Description Document Link
Infusomat® 2nd Generation Pump Set Priming ASV with Pump
pdf (552.2 KB)
Infusomat® Space™ SWU Quick Reference Guide
pdf (1.1 MB)
Nurses Tips Brochure
pdf (731.3 KB)
DoseTrac® Space™ Quick Reference Guide
pdf (1.9 MB)

Introcan Safety®

Description Document Link
Introcan Safety® Insertion Guide Pocket Card
pdf (189.3 KB)
Introcan Safety® 3 Closed IV Catheter Practice Suggestions
pdf (717.6 KB)
Introcan Safety® 3 Insertion Guide Poster
pdf (338.4 KB)

Client Value Assessment Offerings

  • Project management and Clinical Consultative services with new product placement
  • Simulated hands-on learning environment
  • Printed educational product-based literature
  • Clinical Consultative Services
  • Custom Solutions to help you solve your challenges and improve patient care