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An Update to Our Customers & Stakeholders on COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis is constantly evolving, please utilize this page for information and resources on B. Braun’s response.
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Information on FDA Emergency Use Authorization for Use of Infusion Pumps with Nebulizers

COVID-19 Clinical Resources

This document outlines factors to consider when placing infusion pumps outside patient rooms with long extension sets. It includes guidance on pressure settings, flow accuracy, secondary infusions and multiple infusions.

B. Braun Long IV Pump Sets

The Gravity Flow Rate and the Rate Flow QRG posters will help you to use flow rate regulators and calculate flow rates.

Gravity Flow Rate Poster

Rate Flow QRG Poster

Not enough large volume infusions pumps?  This document outlines alternative options including syringe pumps, gravity, IV push and subcutaneous infusions.

Infusion Pump Shortage Communication

INS 2016 Documentation

Care Cast™ Interviews

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    Creative Solutions with Infusion Pumps During COVID-19: A discussion with B. Braun Medical Affairs Colleagues

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    No Pumps? No problem! Gravity Drips.

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    B. Braun Dialysis Solutions During COVID-19

Product Allocation Information

IV Solutions & Drugs
Excel - 105%
E3 - 105%
PIC - 150%
Heparin in 0.9% Sodium Chloride - 100%
PAB - 150% Heparin in 5% Dextrose - 140%
Cefazolin - 100% CefTRIaxONE - 105%
Cefotetan - 105% Cefepime - 100%
Ceftazidime - 105%  
Clinical Nutrition & Compounding
Plenamine - 100% FreAmine III - 100%
TrophAmine - 100% Concentrated Potassium Chloride - 100%
IV Sets, IV Catheters & Admixture Accessories
addEASE BC1300 Binary Connector - 125% addEASE BC2000 Binary Connector - 125%
addEASE Binary Connector & Needle - 105% IV Administration Sets - 125%
Infusion Pumps & Accessories
IV Pump Sets - 125% Easypump - 105%

In The News

In the News

WFMZ (April 1, 2020): B. Braun steps up production to make sure those on front lines have necessary supplies amid outbreak


Mass Device (April 14,2020): B. Braun lands FDA EUA for use of infusion pumps with nebulizers to treat COVID-19  


U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (May 7, 2020): Army Addresses Critical Shortage of Infusion Pumps