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B. Braun Advocating for Patient Care with RAadvantages.com

Regional anesthesia leader launches website to support patients, practitioners and provider

Bethlehem, PA – October 14, 2011 –  “The patient’s end result should be the primary goal,” says Dr. Laura Clark, while making the point that, “Regional Anesthesia (RA) needs to be worked into every hospital system for the betterment of the patient.” As the Director of Acute Pain and Regional Anesthesia at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, Dr. Clark attests that RA can reduce the cost of surgical stays while meeting the primary goal of improving the overall patient experience. She recognizes that faulty perceptions about costs and schedule restraints create “a need to educate surgeons and administrators.”

RAadvantages.com, a unique informational resource from B. Braun Medical’s Aesculap Academy, takes a stride toward addressing Dr. Clark’s advocacy by bringing clarity to the measurable and accumulated benefits of Regional Anesthesia for patients, practitioners and hospital administrators. Brad Lane, VP of Critical Care at B. Braun says, “As the world-leader in Regional Anesthesia, it is our responsibility to support pain management leaders like Dr. Clark.” Lane adds that B. Braun is well known as a reliable clinician partner, bringing education, training and additional resources to support the advancement of patient care. “RAadvantages.com includes information for surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and administrators. It gives them a platform to share their positive experiences.”

Visitors to RAadvantages.com will see remarks by Dr. Ralf Gebhard, Professor of Anesthesia at the University of Miami, who crystallizes the values to be gained in patient care and hospital administration through Regional Anesthesia. He states, “Patients obviously have less pain, pain is more controlled and they have fewer side effects. Nausea, vomiting and drowsiness can all be avoided.” These benefits reduce the time and cost of a hospital stay, but Dr. Gebhard draws focus to the real advantage. “Patients are just more satisfied with their surgical experience.” 
The website also includes an interactive “cost calculator“ developed by John LaFratta, B. Braun Medical’s Corporate Training Specialist for Pain Management. “The calculator available at www.raadvantages.com, will help quantify the hidden costs associated with two of the most frequent post operative adverse events, PONV and Pain. Case by case, the cost calculator illustrates the advantages of RA with peripheral nerve blocks over gas anesthesia and opioids. It helps providers quantify the profit erosion when traditional anesthetic techniques are practiced versus an RA approach.” says LaFratta.

“A single message threads through the RA Advantages website that resonates with patients, healthcare practitioners and hospital administrators alike. If you are an advocate for improved patient outcomes, increased patient comfort and reducing the cost of healthcare, you will also be an advocate of B. Braun’s advancement of Regional Anesthetics.”

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