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B. Braun Offers a New Generation of Products for Ultrasound-Only Peripheral Nerve Block Catheter Placement

Product options designed to support practitioner’s preferred technique

BETHLEHEM, PA – June 21, 2012 – Answering the need for simple, cost-effective ultrasound guided Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks (CPNB), B. Braun Medical Inc. (B. Braun) has created the Contiplex® FX system. The latest generation of B. Braun PNB products is intended specifically to support providers who no longer utilize a Dual Guidance or stimulation approach, as well as blocks that can be performed without the aid of stimulation.  

Among the key features of the B. Braun Contiplex FX system is the unique echogenic springwound catheter designed to help easily confirm catheter placement with ultrasound. Designed with functionality in mind, Contiplex FX combines a rigid catheter body for easy handling and a softer-than-standard tip that helps to maintain the catheter in the optimal fascial plane during ultrasound guided placement. Like other B. Braun continuous PNB products, Contiplex FX is designed with a sideport valve that helps save steps by allowing the catheter to be pre-loaded into the needle hub while still allowing aspiration and injection through the needle. Contiplex FX is available in both open and closed tip catheter configurations and will be available in trays specifically designed for ultrasound-guided catheter placement. 

For more information on Contiplex FX, contact your B. Braun representative, call 1-800-227-2862 or email ContiplexFX.us@bbraun.com. For a complete understanding of how Regional Anesthesia can benefit your practice through improved patient care and greater cost efficiencies visit www.RAadvantages.com.
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