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B. Braun Officially Launches B-SMART™ in the U.S.

First and only disposable manometer for objective monitoring of injection pressure

BETHLEHEM, PA – April 27, 2015 – B. Braun Medical Inc. (B.Braun), the market leader in Regional Anesthesia (RA) announced today that it has launched B-Smart™, an injection pressure monitor for peripheral nerve blocks (PNBs) in the U.S., through an agreement with Concert Medical, LLC.

B-Smart is the first and only disposable manometer for objective monitoring of injection pressure during administration of PNBs. Before B-Smart, documentation of the resistance was merely subjective and relied on the “learned feel” and experience of the provider. Resistance to injection is part of a standard documentation procedure during nerve blocks.

Some Key Design Advantages of B-Smart include:

  • Take away the guess work: Provides a visual indication of injection pressure.
  • Last line of defense: Monitoring a pressure in real-time provides objective information to make more informed decisions on how to proceed with an injection. 
  • Objective documentation: An objective and quantifiable method of monitoring and documenting injection pressure regardless of who performs the injection.

“This device represents the latest advance in injection pressure monitoring,” said Brad Lane, Vice President, Critical Care Marketing at B.Braun. “B-Smart creates a last line of defense by effectively and objectively measuring PNB injection pressures, and can easily be integrated into clinical practice. We want to be the customer’s first choice for delivering RA safely and effectively,” added Lane. 

B.Braun also recently launched an informative Injection Safety Monitoring (ISM) website called pnbmonitoring.com which will educate visitors about the various ways to integrate complementary monitoring modalities (injection pressure, ultrasound and stimulation) into PNB procedures. ISM is the use of objective information from these complementary monitoring modalities to guide more informed decisions for needle tip placement and local anesthetic injection.

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