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B. Braun Medical Inc. and Affiliates Sue Becton, Dickinson & Co. for IV Catheter Safety Mechanism Patent Infringements

Lawsuit filed against Becton, Dickinson and Company and Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems Inc. for infringing 10 U.S. patents

Bethlehem, PA – June 6, 2016 – B. Braun Medical Inc. announced today that it and B. Braun Melsungen AG and B. Braun Medical Industries Sdn. Bhd. (B. Braun) have filed a lawsuit against Becton, Dickinson and Company and Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems Inc. for infringing 10 U.S. patents relating to IV catheter safety mechanisms. B. Braun is seeking an injunction and damages for Becton Dickinson’s infringement through its manufacture and distribution of the BD Insyte™ Autoguard™ BC IV Catheter and the BD Nexiva™ Closed IV Catheter System.

The U.S. lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware, is the latest effort by B. Braun to protect its valuable patent rights from infringement by Becton Dickinson. B. Braun has already secured important litigation victories in Germany, Austria, and the European Patent Office involving a European counterpart to three of the U.S. patents in suit. Additional lawsuits involving foreign counterparts of the U.S. patents in suit are pending in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Australia.

“B. Braun works tirelessly to bring new and improved products onto the market, and invests a significant portion of our financial assets in research and development,” said Rob Albert, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer of B. Braun Medical Inc.

“We are committed to working with customers and users of our products to improve the level of care and safety across the medical field,” Albert said. “Part of that commitment is enforcing B. Braun’s hard-earned intellectual property rights when necessary to keep inferior or infringing products off the market, and to support our continued investments.”

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B. Braun Medical Inc., a leader in infusion therapy and pain management, develops, manufactures, and markets innovative medical products and services to the healthcare industry. The company is committed to eliminating preventable treatment errors and enhancing patient, clinician and environmental safety. B. Braun Medical is part of the B. Braun Group of Companies in the U.S., which is headquartered in Bethlehem, Pa.

Globally, the B. Braun Group of Companies employs more than 56,000 employees in more than 60 countries. Guided by its Sharing Expertise® philosophy, B. Braun continuously exchanges knowledge with customers, partners and clinicians to address the critical issues of improving care and lowering costs. To learn more about B. Braun Medical, visit www.BBraunUSA.com.