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B. Braun Renal Therapies Division To Launch New Class of Kidney Dialyzer

xevonta™ to be available in September

Bethlehem, PA – September 1, 2016 – The Renal Therapies Division of B. Braun Medical Inc., announced today that it will launch xevonta™, a next generation dialyzer for the U.S. market, after recently receiving 510(k) clearance. A dialyzer is a dialysis filter and is often referred to as an “artificial kidney.” Its function is to remove the wastes and excess fluid from the blood when a patient’s kidneys can no longer perform the task.

“Our new dialyzer’s advanced membrane technology was designed to improve clearance performance by removing more toxins from a patient’s blood,” said Samuel Amory, Vice President, Renal Therapies Division at B. Braun Medical.

B. Braun has enhanced the technology of formulating the amembris fibers in xevonta by designing the filtration membrane to filter out the smaller toxin molecules in the patient’s blood, like urea and creatinine, while maintaining most of the larger blood components, like albumin and beta-2 microglobulin molecules, that are vital to a patient’s health.

Available in September, xevonta will be offered in a broad range of sizes to accommodate different patient requirements.

B. Braun has been a leader in providing the dialysis community with innovative products for more than 35 years. Its Dialog+® Hemodialysis System incorporates state-of-the art technology in dialysis. In addition, B. Braun’s dialysis product line offers a wide array of disposable products that allow healthcare professionals to tailor treatments for their patients.

As a manufacturer and distributor of hemodialysis equipment and related disposables, including the Diacap @ Polysulfone® dialyzers and Medisystems’ Streamline Bloodlines, the Renal Therapies Division of B. Braun is committed to the continued development of high quality products for hemodialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy supported by a team of clinical nurses, field service personnel, customer service and 24/7 technical assistance.

To learn more about xevonta, call Renal Therapies Division customer service at 800-848-2066.

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