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Statement on B. Braun Medical Inc.’s Use of Ethylene Oxide

Regarding B. Braun Medical Inc.’s use of ethylene oxide (EO) for sterilization of medical devices at our Allentown, Pennsylvania manufacturing operation:

  • As part of our normal business and regulatory process, we have routine communications with the US EPA and PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) relating to our manufacturing operations.  Neither the EPA nor the PA DEP have raised any compliance concerns to B. Braun regarding our EO emission levels.
  • Through our efforts, EO emissions from our facility at 901 Marcon Blvd, Allentown, PA have declined during the last several years. In fact, our reported emission levels have been less than 10% of those allowable under our air permit issued by the PADEP.
  • According to an analysis of real world data from the Pennsylvania Cancer Registry Dataset on cancer types that have been potentially related to exposure to EO, rates for these cancer types in in the region around our Allentown facility are comparable to, or lower than, the rates in other areas of Pennsylvania.
  • B. Braun’s highest priority is the health and safety of our employees, our community, and the millions of patients who depend on our medical products. We would not operate our facility if we believed our operations created an unsafe environment for our employees or our neighbors.

Additional information on our use of EO is available here.

Company Contact Information:

Allison Longenhagen, Corporate and Internal Communications Manager | allison.longenhagen@bbraunusa.com | 610-997-4768