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B. Braun Launches DoseTrac® Enterprise Infusion Management Software

New platform can seamlessly connect up to 40,000 pumps across facilities

BETHLEHEM, PA – June 1, 2023 – As a leader in smart infusion therapy, B. Braun Medical Inc. (B. Braun) announced today the launch of its next generation of infusion management software, DoseTrac® Enterprise Infusion Management Software. With this new software, organizations receive a mix of real-time views and retrospective reporting features to better understand their infusion pump fleet and associated data. The DoseTrac Enterprise Software platform can also connect up to 40,000 pumps at an unlimited number of facilities with just one application.

DoseTrac Enterprise allows customers to manage their infusion pumps from a single central application regardless of the size of their fleet or number of locations. Pumps can move between locations seamlessly, and data can be aggregated and disaggregated from the enterprise level down to the individual facility care area to help with continuous quality improvement. DoseTrac can help improve data management which may lead to a decrease in clinical IT infrastructure required for infusion pumps.

“We are delighted to introduce our DoseTrac Enterprise Infusion Management Software, which can transform the way healthcare organizations manage their infusion pumps and data,” said Jonathan Stapley, Senior Director of Marketing, Active Devices. “We believe this uniquely designed software represents a significant leap forward in infusion management.”

By using data analysis achieved with DoseTrac, hospitals have reached significant results including up to 100% drug library compliance, 100% auto-programming compliance and 99% fewer alerts.1,2 In addition, DoseTrac Enterprise Infusion Management Software can be used on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

For more information on DoseTrac Enterprise Infusion Management Software, visit our website at https://www.bbraunusa.com/dosetracenterprise.

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