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B. Braun Launches Introcan Safety® 2 IV Catheter with Multi-Access Blood Control

Designed to Protect Clinicians Every Time the Hub is Accessed

BETHLEHEM, PA – October 11, 2023 – B. Braun Medical Inc. (B. Braun), a leader in smart infusion therapy, announced today the launch of its new Introcan Safety® 2 IV Catheter with Multi-Access Blood Control. The Introcan Safety 2 IV Catheter is the latest development from B. Braun in a long line of passive needlestick prevention catheters. In addition to automatic needlestick protection, clinicians are protected from blood exposure by a blood control feature every time the hub is accessed1 – reducing the risk of bloodborne pathogen exposure throughout the IV process. 

IV access is a critical element of infusion therapy, and needlestick injuries continue to be a serious risk faced by clinicians in their daily routines, potentially exposing them to bloodborne pathogens.2 Studies show that passive, fully automatic safety devices prevent needlestick injuries two times better than a semi-automatic “push button” safety shield and three times better than a manually sliding shield.3 With the Introcan Safety 2 Catheter, clinicians are protected by a truly automatic passive safety device.

In addition to needlestick injuries, mucocutaneous blood exposure due to blood spillage from the catheter hub is also a concern. Blood control IV catheters have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of blood exposure and the workload associated with cleaning.5 In addition, results of a survey point to a potential reduction of costs associated with blood cleanup time and materials.4 With the new Introcan Safety 2 Catheter, the multi-access blood control feature works multiple times, helping to reduce blood exposure and spillage throughout the IV process. 

“Appropriate device selection is key to achieving successful PIVC outcomes,” said Chad Laity, Director of Marketing, Vascular Access, IV Systems and Securement. “The newly launched Introcan Safety 2 IV Catheter with Multi-Access Blood Control provides clinicians with another option when choosing the right device for their patients. When combined with our Peripheral Advantage® Program, our technology and solutions are designed to facilitate the best possible outcomes around vascular access care.”

For more information on our portfolio of products that seamlessly work to help advance patient and clinician safety and care success, visit www.bbraunusa.com

About B. Braun  

B. Braun Medical Inc. (B. Braun) is a leader in smart infusion therapy and safe and effective pharmacy products, patient and provider safety, and sustainable health solutions. Our purpose is to help providers constantly improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. With products and services created to help healthcare professionals focus on what matters most—their patients—we’re uniquely positioned to help health systems succeed now and in the future. B. Braun is headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is part of the B. Braun Group of Companies in the U.S., which includes B. Braun Interventional Systems, Aesculap® and CAPS®. The company employs 8,500 people at over 30 locations across North America.

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