OnGuard®CSTD Technology for the real world

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Designed for the real world. Because that’s where you work.

OnGuard is a Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD) designed to prevent accidental exposure to hazardous drugs during compounding and delivery. Designed to provide simple, safe, easy-to-use protection for nurses, pharmacists, and your patients. 

Advantages of OnGuard

Vial Adaptor

  • Designed to reduce potential for repetitive strain injury
  • Consolidated packaging designed to reduce inventory
  • Compound and go. No need to pre-prime or pre-activate

Syringe Adaptor

  • Passive needle-stick prevention design
  • 16 gauge needle to facilitate easier withdrawl for viscous fluids
  • Safe for transport
  • Audible click to confirm connection 

Spike Port Adaptor

  • Smooth surface septum design for easy disinfection
  • Compatible with all tubing sets