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At B. Braun, we offer a fully-integrated infusion platform with a human touch.

Our real-time data, high-performance pumps and electronic reporting system were collaboratively engineered with independent professionals to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency within your health care system. We call it Synchronized IntelligenceTM – harmoniously and thoughtfully designed to help clinicians achieve up to 100% drug library use compliance, minimize infusion-related medication errors, and reduce unnecessary alarms.

Integrated pumps. Integrated reporting. Integrated data. Working together, the sum is greater than its parts. Sophisticated Integration. Synchronized Intelligence.

Your facility, in sync at last.

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    B. Braun Space™ Infusion Pump Platform

Integrated Pumps & Accessories

Integrated Pumps & Accessories 

Intuitive, Versatile + KeyGuard

  • Intuitive: A microprocessor in each pump helps prevent channel confusion and catastrophic pump failures 
  • Versatile: Vertical stacking takes less space for increased versatility
  • KeyGuard™:  Non-numeric keypad with simple arrows to help prevent manual programming errors related to zero vs. decimal entry

Featured Product

NEW Perfusor® Space 2nd Generation Syringe Pump 

The first syringe pump cleared with air and road transport in the indications for use.

DoseGuard™ Software

Powered by FDB Infusion Knowledge™

Create and manage B. Braun SPACEpump DoseGuard™ (dose error reduction software) drug library with FDB Infusion Knowledgeand set limits with confidence, helping reduce risk. Click here to learn more.

Online Collaboration: Simplify the approval process

◾Drug library audit and approval history
◾Remote access for approvals by individual approvers
◾Comment form increases efficiency by decreasing meetings

Access to Reference Materials: Designed for efficient drug library creation

◾Drug-specific summary information compiled by experienced pharmacists
◾Easy access to reference materials beyond manufacturer recommendations

Drug Limit Recommendations: Recommended drug dosing limits conveniently auto-populate and are fully customizable, help reduce risk

◾Reduce risk of dosing errors
◾Reduce risk of nursing alert fatigue

Integrated Reporting


More than data. Insight. 

Our DoseTrac Infusion Management Software combines real-time information and retrospective reporting that are key to reaching the highest level of patient safety.

DoseTrac provides insight that can inform protocol changes to reduce alerts, educate staff to drive up to 100% drug library use compliance and help reduce infusion-related medication errors due to misprogrammed infusion pumps. 

DoseTrac Analytical Services:
  • Ensure meaningful use of data to help achieve up to 100% drug use, minimize infusion-related adverse drug events, and reduce alarm1-2
  • Corrective Education:  Alert detail reveals practice patterns that lead to clinical insight into why trends are occurring 
DoseTrac At A Glance:
  • Real-time Clinical Decision Support
  • Actionable Data:  Access to practice detail for trend analysis in real time
  • Benchmark Reports (CQI):  Automated reporting to monitor performance


DoseTrac in Practice

Monitor infusion status and drug library compliance with a real-time view. Retrospective reports help identify trends and define needs for staff education and updates to protocols.

  • Real-time view
  • Enables quicker and more efficient response to alarms
  • Analysis pinpoints problematic programming sequence around alerts


Stay on top of which infusions are ending soon and uncover alert patterns that indicate a need to review drug library limits.

  • Designed to improve workflow with PharmView real-time status view to promote just-in time delivery of medications without having to walk the floors
  • Reports deliver helpful insights for reviewing drug library soft hard limits3-4


Easily locate infusion equipment with real-time status view. Retrospective reports define peak usage times and departments for more efficient asset management.

  • Tracks pumps to remain compliant with preventative maintenance schedules
  • Asset utilization reports improve asset distribution and support budget planning

More than Data. Outcomes.

Get the most out of your real-time and retrospective data:  
  • Achieve up to 100% drug library use compliance2
  • Helps to eliminate medication errors due to misprogrammed infusion pumps3
  • Reduce infusion alerts and associated alarm fatigue
  • Designed to improve on-time drug delivery and revenue capture

B. Braun’s Clinical Support team offers interpretation and investigation of trends, provides benchmark data to establish targets, and helps to ensure the meaningful use of data to achieve outcomes.

Let Our DoseTrac Analytical Services show you how to get the most out of the data you're collecting and provide actionable steps to foster medication safety goals.

  • Capture infusion data that's relevant, actionable and integral to your clinical practice
  • Analyze the data and report findings to you that address specific concerns
  • Customize reports for different departments and management needs
  • Explain key functions and provide hands-on training to allow you and your staff to gain valuable insight from your investment in the DoseTrac Infusion Safety System
  • Provide follow-up visits after initial installation to reinforce trends, best practices and reveal new potential applications for DoseTrac data when you are ready

B. Braun infusion pump interoperability demonstrates the ability to send data to Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems and other medical devices such as Alarm Management Systems and Real-time Location Services, as well as receive IV order information for AutoProgramming the B. Braun infusion pumps.  B. Braun follows the IHE PCD standards for communicating and connecting to the health care environment.

Wireless connectivity and systems integration is an important consideration when evaluating infusion pumps. The B. Braun Outlook infusion pumps use wireless technology and software applications that:

  • Capture key infusion data to help you evaluate the safety, efficiency and efficacy of your IV therapy
  • Provide for infusion pumps data integration to and from your EHR

We were one of the first companies to participate on the advisory panel of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) that is defining standard interoperability communication protocols between infusion pumps and EHR and other medical devices.

For our Outlook Infusion Systems, software applications such as the DoseTrac Infusion Management Software and our ability to wirelessly upload drug libraries allow hospitals to close the loop on infusion therapy. Outbound infusion data can be stored, reported, and analyzed using the DoseTrac software. After identifying additional practice enhancements, drug library updates can be wirelessly sent to the pumps.

B. Braun infusion pump interoperability demonstrates our ability to send data to EHR systems and medical devices as well as receive IV order information for auto-programming our Outlook infusion pumps. B. Braun follows the IHE PCD standards in communicating and connecting to the healthcare environment.

  • Charter member of the IHE since 2005
  • Cerner Certified Medical Device Partner
  • Epic Certified Medical Device Partner
  • Working with Siemens on Systems Integration
  • Evaluation agreement with Allscripts




Integrated Data

Integrated Data 

Streamline your workflow with AutoCOMPLETE®

A complete system offering versatility, real-time data, and automated features with integrated partners for system-wide compatibility.

The first wireless, logic-driven integrated technology system for IV infusion that is IHE certified for all three AutoCOMPLETE integration functions.


Eliminates Manual Entry

Order sent to pump to eliminate manual programming that could cause errors

Ensure the patient's 5 rights of medication delivery - right patient, drug, dose, route, and time.

  • Barcode scanning helps improve patient safety
  • Reduces number of steps required to program an infusion
  • Scan patient, drug, and pump
  • Verify order and start infusion

More Time with Patient

Infusion data sent to EMR to reduce workload and facilitate data analysis

Improve workflow and help increase nurse focus on patient care with automatic documentation

  • Infusion data automatically sent to the EMR system
  • Improved content consistency and frequency increases charge capture
  • Facilitates data analysis and process improvements over time
  • Accurate and reliable health record for personalized care and proper billing

Real-Time Event Updates

Pump alarms sent to workstations/mobile devices for improved alarm management

Prioritize alarms for critical infusions

  • Prioritized pump alarms can be automatically sent to mobile devices
  • Alarm detail guides clinician responses and streamlines workflow
  • Decreases alarm response times

EMR Connectivity and Interoperability

Wireless connectivity and systems integration is an important consideration when evaluating infusion pumps.

B. Braun is a charter member and holds the Technical Co-chairman position of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), playing a critical role in defining the standard interoperability communication protocols between infusion pumps and EMR systems and other medical devices.

 B. Braun follows the IHE PCD standards in communication and integrating with our partners:

EMR Systems:
  • Cerner
  • Epic
  • Allscripts
  • Meditech (with Iatric)
RTLS/RFID Systems:
  • Versus
  • Stanley
Alarm Management Systems:
  • Philips
  • Spok
  • AlertLink (Cerner)
B. Braun meets these IHE HL7 PCD communication standards:
  • Device Enterprise Communication (DEC – PCD-01 AutoDocumentation)
  • Infusion Pump Event Communication (IPEC – PCD-10 AutoDocumentation)
  • Point-of-Care Infusion Verification (PIV – PCD-03 AutoProgramming)
  • Alert Communication Management (ACM – PCD-04 AutoNotification)
  • Medical Equipment Management Device Management Communication (MEMDMC – PCD-15 Device Information)
  • Medical Equipment Management Location Services (MEMLS – PCD16 AutoLocation)

Synchronized Intelligence Resources

Description Document Link
Synchronized Intelligence Brochure Outlook
pdf (2.3 MB)
IHE Integration Statement
pdf (107.4 KB)
Synchronized Intelligence Brochure Space
pdf (2.6 MB)
Software Terms of Use
pdf (159.8 KB)
Software License Agreement
pdf (145.2 KB)
DoseGuard Sell Sheet
pdf (1.9 MB)

To schedule a demo and learn what else B. Braun’s Synchronized Intelligence Infusion Platform can do for your facility, call 1-800-627-7867.

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