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B. Braun offers a comprehensive training video for the PINNACLE TPN Management System, segmented into 7 concise chapters listed below from setup through successful compounding.


  • Load Cell Calibration

  • Installing the Pinnacle Compounder Transfer Set

  • Installing the Pinnacle Compounder Final Container

  • Selecting Final Containers of the Pinnacle Compounder

  • Confirming Source Solutions on the Pinnacle Compounder

  • Manually Programming the Pinnacle Compounder

  • Using the Pinnacle Compounder with the TPN Manager

The following PINNACLE TPN Management System exams can be used in conjunction with the training videos to enhance and /or track user comprehension of the PINNACLE setup and compounding process.


Description Document Link
Calibrating Load Cell
pdf (82.2 KB)
Installing Transfer Set
pdf (86.8 KB)
Installing Final Container
pdf (70.5 KB)
Selecting Final Container
pdf (68.6 KB)
Confirming Source Solution
pdf (109.8 KB)
Manual Programming
pdf (69.7 KB)
Compounding with TPN Manager
pdf (107.9 KB)