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TPN Manager Software:
The only software with Trissel’s™ Ca/P Safety Check Software.

With up to 40 different ingredients, TPN formulations are some of the most complex that a pharmacy will compound. The APEX® Compounding System's clinical decision support software automates calculations and streamlines the order process from physician to pharmacist to patient. More protection for the patient means more protection for your pharmacy.

  • Helps eliminate transcription errors and reduce the incidence of Ca/P incompatibility
  • The only compounding software with Trissel's™ Ca/P Safety Check Software
  • Customized warning and hard limits for every ingredient within your TPN formulations
  • Browser-based software, accessible from any device on the network for computerized prescriber order entry and pharmacist review and approvals
  • EMR interfaces for seamless data transfer
  • Helps reduce medication errors by automating complex calculations

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