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Flexima® 3S: Next Generation of 2-Piece Mechanical Coupling Systems

Made with your daily activities in mind, providing comfortable, quality products to make your lifestyle more comfortable. 


Intuitive coupling system designed for easy application. Minimum education required.


Tight-fitting mechanical coupling system. Feel secure with an audible click when the base plate and pouch lock together.


Flexible when base plate and pouch are coupled together. Optimized body fit enhances discretion thanks to a new generation of plastic material.



Flexima 3S Products

For more than four decades, the B. Braun group of companies have manufactured and sold ostomy products. Flexima® 3S products are now available in the United States. We offer a two-piece mechanical coupling system offering convex, flat standard wear and flat base plates with tape border as well as closed, Roll'Up (drainable), urostomy and high output pouches.

Base Plates

With a flexible floating flange design, each base plate offers 3-position orientation of the pouch utilizing the Guiding Tab Slots, including corresponding Locking Pinponts to provide a secure and tactile coupling.


A Complete Offering

With a multitude of ostomy pouches including closed, roll'up, high output, and urostomy, our Ostomy product line offers variety and quality to the end user.

It’s Easy To Order Flexima Ostomy Products

Contact one of the authorized DME suppliers listed below to order ostomy products and have them discreetly delivered to your home.

Authorized DME Suppliers Online Ordering Phone Ordering
McKesson https://mpcs.mckesson.com/ 855-416-9549
Pouch Place https://www.pouchplace.com/ 866-531-1285
PPS Healthcare http://ppshealthcare.com/ 877-400-1700
Prism https://www.prism-medical.com/ 888-244-6421
Shield Healthcare http://shieldhealthcare.com/