High Output System

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Designed for easier output management for patients, nurses, and caregivers.

The B. Braun Flow Collector can connect to the Flexima® 3S High Output Pouch. The combined capacity helps increase patient autonomy and provide easier output management.

Features and Benefits of the High Output System:

  • 2-liter capacity graduated vinyl collection bag for examination and measurement of output
  • 5-foot-long discreet white tubing; cuttable every 12 inches according to preference
  • Tubing is designed to be kink and crack resistant; squeezable to assist with blockage removal
  • Soft outlet is designed to be leak resistant
  • Two eyelet holes at top of bag for hanging
  • Not made with natural rubber latex, DEHP or PVC

It’s Easy To Order Flexima Ostomy Products

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McKesson https://mpcs.mckesson.com/ 855-416-9549
Pouch Place https://www.pouchplace.com/ 866-531-1285
PPS Healthcare http://ppshealthcare.com/ 877-400-1700
Prism https://www.prism-medical.com/ 888-244-6421
Shield Healthcare http://shieldhealthcare.com/